Fresh salted Coarse ground pepper

¥1200 (日本語) (税込)

We have sun dried the Cambodian organic young raw pepper together with carefully selected salt!
You can enjoy it deliciously with the fragrance and habit of raw pepper, the deliciousness of salt, crispy texture and bubble wrapped texture.
Please enjoy “adult spice” which is a little different from dried pepper.
As a seasoning, as a snack, to cook accent.

  • 30g(1,200円/$11)


I grazed the young raw pepper before it was ripe yet, in a salt blended independently, and dried it in the sun.

Since Cambodian organic pepper is used as it is fresh, you can enjoy the fragrance and spicy of pepper more directly!

In order to bring out the scent and taste of raw pepper to the maximum, we blended Italian and Japanese salt separately.

Salt with umami further enhances the spicyness and fragrance that becomes the habit of raw pepper.

By doing the sun drying, moisture will drop out moderately and the umami of pepper will be condensed.

Please enjoy the raw texture of raw pepper bubble wrap and salt crunchy.

It is delicious to eat as a snack as it is!

To seasoned carpaccio and salad for pickled salt of meat and tempura.

Served with desserts and breads, you can also enjoy it deliciously.


Pepper (from Cambodia), salt (Italy, from Japan)

* Caution *
Large intake will vandalize the gastrointestinal tract, causing poor physical condition.


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